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Raw Forest Foods Tongkat Ali Powder

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Pure Indonesian Tongkat Ali, known botanically as Eurycoma longifolia, is a highly interesting pro-androgenic herb. However, with the plant's recent popularity comes a fair amount of misunderstanding and misinformation. For starters, there are several different plants known as Tongkat Ali, but only the yellow Eurycoma longifolia is true Indonesian Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia), the plant studied within the research literature.

Traditionally, Tongkat Ali has been used in Indonesia as an aphrodisiac and tonic herb, and current research into Tongkat Ali both supports many of the traditional ethnobotanical uses of the plant and expands upon them, ultimately painting a picture of an herb more in-line with other top-shelf adaptogens.

Much of the contemporary, clinical research into Tongkat Ali has focused on a relationship between the plant and the body's own (endogenous) production of androgen hormones. Other research has investigated the plant for increasing mounting behavior in animal models (libido), and possible anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties (through the present chemical quassinoids).* Furthermore, Tongkat Ali has shown beneficial actions against prostate cancer cells, making it potentially even more relevant to the male body.*

Product Highlights

  • Select harvested for optimum potency from mature (5 year plus) wild Indonesian Eurycoma longifolia roots;
  • Concentrated two hundred times, resulting in a clinical grade 200:1 extract;
  • Packaging and encapsulation performed in our domestic FDA cGMP. All packaging is food grade and capsules are vegan/vegetarian;
  • Fully ready to use with no other processing required prior to use by the customer;
  • Produced using no fillers, no drying agents, and never irradiated.;
  • Another top-shelf, pro-androgenic product from RAW Forest Foods, the premier and trusted source.*

Choose your Product

Our Pure Indonesian Tongkat Ali is available as a bulk powder (65 gram pouch) and it is available in capsules (120 count bottles). Tongkat Ali has a bitter flavor that some love, others prefer to use the herb encapsulated.