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Raw Forest Foods

Raw Forest Foods Pine Pollen Tablets

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With these tablets, we combine our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen with just enough sugar to bring the Pine Pollen together into tablets. RAW Pine Pollen contains all of the living nutrients, vital enzymes and co-enzymes, and the phytosterols and adaptogenic compounds that our customers are looking for (including phyto-androgen analogs). It is minimally processed to clean and fracture the otherwise indigestible cell wall of the pollen, resulting in a highly bioavailable, completely digestible powder. *

Pine Pollen is equally cherished both for its phyto-androgens (similar to testosterone) and adaptogens as it is for its nutritive properties. The medicinal use of Pine Pollen has a written history dating back approximately 1500 years. Today it has bloomed in popularity for the same reasons people have been using it for nearly a millennium: its positive actions on the endocrine system (and the phytoandrogens it contains), its deeply nutritive properties, and key anti-fatigue qualities. * In short, because Pine Pollen is a safe, strong, and effective adaptogenic and tonic herb. *

Product Highlights

  • Our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen is guaranteed wild harvested exclusively from natural, mountain-borne sources and only from the potent Pinus massoniana pine tree;
  • It is harvested at the peak of potency, when the pine catkins are most active, within a 3-day period once a year;
  • It is lightly processed to aid digestion by fracturing the pollen cell wall, resulting in increased bioavailability and potency (up to 50 times greater than standard Pine Pollen);
  • It contains phyto-androgen hormones;
  • It contains a complete profile of raw vegan amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and anti-aging compounds;
  • It can help restore healthy, vital levels of testosterone. 

Easy to Use

These tablets are chewable, making them very easy to use.