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Raw Forest Foods Nepalese Shilajit Extract Caps

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True Himalayan Shilajit is an extremely rare Ayurvedic panacea used to both treat the most stubborn diseases and as the strongest anti-aging medicine. From an Ayurvedic perspective Shilajit rejuvenates all body systems. The rejuvenating effects from Shilajit are profound.

This Shilajit is a standardized extract, providing a potent 40% concentration of fulvic acids;
Known historically as The destroyer of weakness, the conqueror of mountains;
Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, thin semen, and low sperm count;
Clinically shown to increase testosterone, FSH, and the number and quality of sperm;
The only source of primal nutrition, Shilajit is formed over hundreds of thousands of years;
Contains a complete array of over 84 fulvic + humic minerals;
Strong Nootropic action, improving brain function.

A Brief Overview

Shilajit, a rare exude used in Ayurvedic medicine, is known traditionally as "The Destroyer of Weakness, the Conqueror of Mountains" has earned the reputation today as "Indian Viagra." This modern moniker informs about the use of Shilajit as a male sexual tonic, but ultimately does a disservice against Shilajit because its effects are so far beyond just being the “Indian Viagra.”

In Ayruveda, Shilajit is classified as a rasayan, which translates from the Sanskrit as a rejuvenator and immunomodulator, and also as a medhya rasayan, translating to a rejuvenator of intellect.

Because of its extreme rarity, Shilajit was traditionally reserved for only the most dire health conditions, those with debilitating conditions that had not responded to any other treatment, and for those privileged enough to have access to Shilajit for use for ultra-longevity. Through analysis of the traditional uses of Shilajit and the comprehensive modern research, we see that Shilajit restores core energy though a non-specific—but profound—set of mechanisms. Further below you will find an outline covering the scientifically validated properties of Shilajit.

Today Shilajit proves itself as a premiere adaptogenic tonic for the entire body, with far reaching positive effects from regulating blood sugar to modulating the immune system to improving cognition and protecting the brain.